What Coloration Wetsuit Is Finest for Spearfishing?

You probably have ever seen folks carrying some odd coloured wetsuits, there’s most likely an excellent cause for it! Skilled’s who spearfish usually will often have just a few completely different coloured wetsuits, to match what they’re doing. The entire idea of spearfishing entails being quiet and sneaky underwater, and to do that you must transfer slowly and gently, and attempt to keep hidden. For people who love diving within the Blue water (principally simply deep water the place you hardly ever hit the underside) then most individuals put on a blue or inexperienced camouflaged wetsuit. This helps divers mix into the background, and consequently the fish do not see them. Individuals who have these wetsuits often dive from boats and search for bait fish leaping round, though just a few folks I do know use them from the shore too.

When you’re diving on a reef you wish to mix in too, which explains why so many individuals have brown and inexperienced camouflaged wetsuits. This allows them to sit down on a reef on the ground with out being noticed by fish. You possibly can sit there for a short while and await an enormous fish to come back alongside, after which shoot it when the fish is shocked!

I’ve discovered that black wetsuits are often the worst colour to have. They do not mix into water or reef, and they don’t seem to be so good for sharks both! Sharks see an enormous black form as one other shark, or as a seal or extra seafood that they will eat! On the finish of the day although this does not make each little bit of distinction. I’ve dived for a few years with a black wetsuit and by no means had a lot of a problem with capturing first rate fish or with the sharks!