Three Greatest Lures to Catch a Snook

It’s this fisherman’s opinion that the three finest lures to catch a snook are:

1. Imitation mullet

2. Weed much less spoons

3. Spinner baits

The imitation mullet lure is by far the most effective lure for catching a snook. The opposite lures talked about are very distant second and third decisions. Mullet lures are available in many dimensions and shapes however essentially the most effected appear to be the highest water variations. Such a lure is usually fished with a stroll the canine sort of retrieve in shallow waters lower than 5 ft deep.

There are lots of mullet imitations which can be suspending sort lures. This lure will sink a couple of ft down within the water column and an erratic, twitching sort of retrieve often works finest with this sort of lure. Such a lure will be casted proper right into a mullet college to resemble a wounded fish.

There’s a third sort of mullet lure that snook love. This lure is the tender plastic sort of lure. This lure resembles a mullet and will be fished in all elements of the water column. When extra depth is required this sort of lure will be weighted to get to any depth a fisherman desires. This lure is essentially the most versatile and will be rigged so it’s weed much less. This makes it an ideal selection for fishing docks and construction. The important thing to all of those mullet type lures is to match the dimensions of the lure with the dimensions of the bait fish within the space being fished.

Linesiders additionally wish to eat weed much less spoons. Such a lure can be utilized in lots of eventualities reminiscent of mangrove fishing, grass flat fishing and vertical jigging in deeper water. The spoon coloration that appears to work finest for linesiders is silver. By various the retrieve velocity a fisherman can determine what is going to appeal to essentially the most bites on any given day.

The third sort of lure that snook appear to love is the spinner bait. Such a bait is often regarded as a recent water bass bait however snook will hit them too. On this fisherman’s opinion, a snook is simply a big mouthed bass on steroids so it is smart that they’ll each hit the identical form of lure. Darkish spinner baits appear to work finest in murky water and frivolously coloured spinner baits appear to work finest in clear water circumstances.

All three of those lure varieties talked about above will catch snook. A fisherman ought to determine which lure they’re most comfy fishing with. As soon as the fisherman has his go to lure matched to the circumstances, he can catch a ton of linesiders.