The Order of Good Cheer – Nova Scotia, Canada

Samuel de Champlain based the Order of Good Cheer within the winter of 1606-07 to offer good meals and good occasions for the colonists to maintain up their well being and morale through the lengthy winter. The Order was a eating society and members took turns to offer fish or recreation for a banquet and in sustaining a joyous environment.The Society solely lasted one winter however was an ideal success. Reviews present that each few days supper grew to become a feast, and on a rotating foundation everybody on the desk was designated as Chief Steward.

The Chief Steward had the obligation of creating positive everybody on the desk was properly taken care of. This was instructed again in Paris as having the identical good cheer as in Rue aux Ours and at much less value. Every Steward 2 days earlier than his flip would go looking or fishing to convey again a delicacy so as to add to the common fare. This was so properly carried out that they ate meat or fish for a number of of the breakfasts, lunches and suppers following.

For the banquet the Chief Steward, having had all the things ready by the cook dinner, walked into the room with a serviette over one shoulder, badge of workplace in hand, and round his neck the collar of the Order adopted by all of the members of the Order, every one carrying a dish. The identical was repeated at dessert. Earlier than giving because of God, the Chief Steward would hand over the collar of Order to his successor, and they’d toast one another with a cup of wine.

Outstanding members of the colony had been seemingly the members of the Order of Good Cheer. Frequent visitors had been Membertou and Messamouet, Mi’kmaw chiefs within the space.

Beforehand Chief Messamouet had sailed with Samuel de Champlain as a information in the hunt for copper mines within the Bay of Fundy. The Chief instructed Champlain that as a younger man he had sailed the Atlantic in a Basque fishing vessel and had visited France the place he stayed on the dwelling of the governor of Bayonne.

Lescarbot wrote of different Aboriginal visitors that they at all times had twenty or thirty males, girls, and kids, who seemed on at their method of service and free Bread was given to them.

The gents procured all kinds of meats together with: geese, geese, partridges and different birds, moose, caribou, beaver, otter, bear, rabbit, wildcat, and raccoon. At the moment in North America beaver was a delicacy. Generally used spices had been pepper, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. Herbs equivalent to thyme, chervil, bay leaves and marjoram had been additionally properly used. To our fashionable tastes a dish that the Port Royal settlers would take into account bland would seemingly be sturdy or wild tasting to us.

Listed below are some examples of contemporary dishes which may have been served at a Good Cheer dinner: pumpkin soup, steamed eel, sturgeon, fricassee of spinach, Jerusalem artichoke fritters, apples and pear pie, and marzipan tarts