Telescopic Fishing Rod Caught?

Some of the irritating issues that may occur to a telescopic fishing rod is for it to develop into jammed at a joint. This may occur for a wide range of causes however is normally on account of corrosion or grime/mud/sand within the joint.

Prevention is best than treatment: attempt to preserve your rod off the bottom always to keep away from grime stepping into the joints. Wipe it clear with a fabric earlier than taking it down so you do not jam grime into the joint. If you happen to’ve been utilizing it in saltwater give it a fast rinse with freshwater as quickly after use as you’ll be able to. Its a good suggestion to place a protectant like WD-40, Deal with Guard or a silicon lube on the joints. Make sure to not use an excessive amount of or it may possibly go the opposite means and cease the rod staying up once you lengthen it – particularly across the tip joints.

Now in case you’re unfortunate sufficient to have a rod jam on you (on account of dangerous luck or dangerous administration) there are a number of strategies to unstick the sucker.

1. The new water method

Pour scorching water on giant facet of the joint as near the joint as you’ll be able to to quickly increase it. Then after just a few seconds attempt twisting or pushing the small facet of the joint again down. Its finest if you are able to do this below a faucet the place the water begins off chilly then will get progressively hotter over just a few seconds as this reduces the danger of stress cracks growing within the joint.

2. The ice and scorching water method

If the new water method fails attempt the subsequent step up. Do the identical as above however put ice on the small facet of the joint to shrink it. That is best in case you get some ice out of your freezer place it on a fabric or towel after which wrap that across the rod and maintain it whilst you warmth the opposite facet with scorching water.

3. Lubrication

Strive a penetrating lubricant like WD-40, CRC or Deal with Guard. Go away the joint to soak for an hour or two after which attempt gently to take the rod down.

4. Tapping technique

Stand the rod butt on a tough floor like concrete and maintain it above the caught joint. Gently carry and faucet the butt on the bottom. This works finest if the decrease joints are caught. By no means faucet the tip on the bottom as you might be very more likely to break it.

5. The companion twist

Have a pal maintain one facet of the joint whilst you maintain the opposite and twist. I like to recommend you utilize a pal you belief and provides them the thicker finish to carry. It may not be excellent for the connection if one thing snaps.

6. The “Misplaced All Hope” Methodology

Go to our web site and purchase one other rod – they are not very costly. Take extra care of your fishing gear sooner or later! You possibly can at all times preserve the caught one for a spare or give it to a neighborhood child (inform them you will purchase it again for a $greenback in the event that they repair it)

Look out for extra articles on easy methods to get the very best out of your telescopic fishing rod.

Comfortable fishing…