Struisbaai Harbour Wall – Fishing For Everybody

Struisbaai harbour wall has all the time been a particular place for anglers of all ages coming to this pretty seaside village from throughout South Africa. Throughout summer season weekends and vacation season the wall is mostly filled with anglers of all ages having fun with all kinds of fishing strategies. The harbour wall is a secure and safe place (a lot of the instances) the place numerous angling knowledge is shared, expertise gained and the love for the game of fishing handed down from one angler to a different.

Struisbaai harbour wall is an fascinating angling spot because it gives such all kinds of fish species to focus on. It’s a place the place toddlers get their first really feel for a rod and reel, and get to the touch a puffer fish for the primary time. It’s also a spot the place the large boys with the large deal with come to hunt large stingrays and large raggies. In between all which you could anticipate finding elf, garrick, cob, musselcracker, smaller sharks, grunters and kolsterte.

Household Enjoyable

Many a mother, dad or grandparent have taken the younger angler to this secure angling spot and launched them to the game of rock and surf angling. I’m wondering what number of chilfren have caught their first fish from the harbour wall? Taking a lightweight rod and reel or a handline and utilizing sardine or chokka for bait these children hone their angling expertise on puffer fish, strepies, kolsterte, tjor-tjor and maasbankers.

Elf on the Wall!!

Many a summer season night, on the outgoing tide, the wall resembles a porcupine with quills standing erect because the anglers, younger and previous, collect for the elf run, and likewise hoping to get a quick swimming garrick. The favorite bait is a complete sardine slowly trawled on the within of the harbour. With the elf round it usually doesn’t take lengthy for any angler to get their bag restrict.

Garrick / Leervis

From January to March you will note fairly a number of anglers throwing spinners and prime water poppers from the rocks in fronth of the harbour wall hoping for an enormous strike and a tough combat . Garrick from 5-20kg are usually round early within the morning or late afternoon, feasting on the elf within the sheltered harbour water. Some anglers choose operating a reside elf out on the appropriate hand facet into the bay, hoping for garrick or a cob.

Different Edibles

Cob, kolsterte and noticed grunters are the opposite primary focused species in the course of the months of Nov to March, however the odd white musselcracker, galjoen and belman are additionally landed. The noticed grunters are usually caught within the shallower waters on the 2nd and third lamppole on very gentle deal with utilizing prawn or sardine tail because the bait.

The typical measurement of the cob are between 2 and 5kg, however fairly a number of biggies over 20kg are landed regularly. One of the best time for kob is at evening utilizing chokka and / or sardine or operating some reside mullet or maasbanker. As soon as a cob is hooked it’s best to work the fish in the direction of the sandy seaside between the harbour wall and Die Las because the rocks in entrance of the harbour has ended many a combat with a line parting.

Sharks and Rays

Everyone knows that Struisbaai harbour is dwelling to some large black stingrays weighing properly over 120 kg’s, however it’s the space simply in entrance of the harbour wall and to the appropriate the place large black rays in addition to smaller blue rays and duckbill rays are commonly caught. Many an angler has overestimated his personal prowess and deal with capabilities solely to have a knot come unraveled, a line break, rod snap or reel bust making an attempt to tackle these sea bulldozers.

Stingrays are caught in the course of the day and evening, and chokka or fish heads seams to work the very best for these backside feeders. Rhe smaller rayus atre superior enjoyable on gentle deal with, however for the large black stingrays you would wish a rod with a robust spine, at the very least .45 line, an honest reel and plenty of power as a lot of the fights lasts as much as Four hours.

One of the best time to fish for sharks are at evening time. Some anglers goal smaller shark species like clean hounds and noticed gully sharks, and even South Africa’s very personal pajama cat shark, whereas different angler slide out large baits for noticed ragged tooth sharks over 150kg that frequent this space, or hoping for a giant bronzie or tope shark to land.

The popular bait for the smaller sharks are a reside mullet or maasbanker, or fish fillets and chokka, however with the latter the small fry usually have a feast and you need to exchange bait regularly. For the larger sharks a lot of the anglers slide yellowtail or cape salmon heads or half a skipjack, You can even slide a giant maasbanker or smaller elf with success.

A Few Guidelines

1) Bear in mind, you aren’t allowed to make use of a throw web contained in the harbour at any time. Quite use small baited hooks to catch mullet or maasbankers.

2) Please maintain the harbour wall clear. There’s a large drum offered for all of your garbage.

3) Be careful for kids and different anglers when throwing your bait. Nobody enjoys a hook within the ear or worse.

4) Be thoughtful in the direction of different angler. Do not push in or throw over their traces.

5) Maintain to the scale and bag limits. In case you are not going to eat it or use it for bait, throw it again.

6) The rocks are slippery and harmful when going to gaff a fish. I do not suppose you wish to be within the water with a 200kg raggie!

7) Watch out of the water!! Watch the waves.

8) You aren’t allowed to drive onto the harbour wall together with your automobile, bakkie or scooter.

Struisbaai harbour wall will give you limitless hours of pure angling pleasure, even these instances when the fish do not wish to chew. The concept for Overberg Angling was born on that wall one evening whereas ready for some motion, and the harbour wall holds many different nice reminiscences for me, my household and buddies. Hopefully you too will quickly take pleasure in this very particular angling spot on the southern tip of Africa.