Rainbow Trout Fishing – Drift Fishing Meal Worms

One sort of bait that usually will get missed if you speak about rainbow trout fishing (besides in fact when it come to ice fishing) are meal worms. These bizarre trying “worms”, that seem like a cross between a grub and a small alien, are sometimes used for as bait for rainbow trout beneath the ice, however as soon as the ice melts are rapidly forgotten as anglers go for extra “conventional” forms of trout bait.

It is a large mistake as meal worms might be a wonderful bait when they’re “drift fished” in rivers that comprise hungry rainbow trout. Probably the greatest occasions to make use of this explicit trout bait is in the course of the spring, when river flows are typically excessive and muddy. This appears to be as a result of when rivers flows are excessive a number of attention-grabbing meals sources get “washed” into the water that would not in any other case be current. Regardless of the purpose, the underside line is that drift fishing meal worms is a particularly efficient trout fishing method.

So how does one go about drift fishing with these little creatures to catch rainbow trout? The very first thing that’s wanted is a seven to seven and a half foot ultralight rod with matching reel that’s spooled with both two or 4 pound take a look at fishing line. The lengthy rod offers you loads of “really feel” as your meal worm (s) drift by means of the present and the sunshine line shall be invisible to the trout that you’re making an attempt to catch, which implies that you’ll obtain extra bites.

You need to rig a single #eight or #10 single fishing hook or a set of double fishing hooks akin to gang hooks which might be of equal dimension onto a 12-18 inch chief that’s connected to the top of your fishing line utilizing a small swivel. A meal worm is now “threaded” on to the hook (or one ‘mealie’ on every hook within the case of gang hooks) by beginning slightly below the meal worms head and popping out 1/four of the way in which earlier than the top of the meal worms physique. Very similar to you do if you thread a plastic grub onto a jig head, however on this case the dwell meal worm is the “physique”. Weight is now added to your line above the barrel swivel to maintain your meal worm (s) as near the underside as attainable because the drift is happening. When rainbow trout fishing with meal worms you need the bait to be as near the underside as attainable as a result of that is typically the place the trout are feeding.

With a purpose to drift fish for rainbow trout efficiently, you need to be standing within the river that you’re fishing and forged parallel to a little bit upstream of the place you’re standing, shut the bail of your reel, and maintain your rod tip within the air. You need to comply with your bait together with your rod tip because it drifts till the bait is instantly downstream of the place you’re standing. At this level, reel in and repeat the method.

You need to really feel your weights “ticking” alongside the underside of the river as your meal worm drifts. When a hungry rainbow trout takes the bait, you’ll realize it as a result of a chunk feels distinctly completely different than the underside. In reality many time hungry rainbow trout will merely engulf your meal worm with a gradual tug. In any case, any time that something “out of the unusual” occurs together with your drift, set the hook and it ought to be “fish on”!

In relation to rainbow trout fishing, drift fishing with this dwell bait is a way that ought to be part of each critical spin fisherman’s arsenal, there is not any doubt about it.