Find out how to Consider an Previous Bamboo Fly Rod

After I spoke with Rolf Baginksi, the good bamboo rod maker type Germany, he gave me the next advises earlier than shopping for a classic cane rod:

1. Verify if all components are current. If the unique rod had THREE items then you shouldn’t get TWO items!

2. Are the 2 (or three) items of the previous bamboo rod equally lengthy? If not, the tippet was in all probability damaged and was changed.

3. Do the items insert effectively collectively? The inserted items mustn’t transfer. The ferrules ought to be in brass or nickel silver (an alloy product of copper, zinc and nickel). Do not ever belief any tin-zinc ferrule.

4. Is the rod kind of straight? It is regular for vintage rods to have a bit of bending within the higher half. This may be adjusted by a bamboo rod maker. However do not ever purchase very flexed and/or twisted rods.

5. Are all bamboo strips nonetheless glued collectively? If not, the acquisition just isn’t price it

6. Is the end nonetheless okay? If not,i.e. if the varnish is way deteriorated, it have to be eliminated, snakes and guides eliminated,too after which the varnish re-applied. A number of work which will be costly finally.

7. Are the rod maker’s title and line dimension nonetheless readable? It may be that the rod was repaired (reducing the worth of the rod consequently), however it may also be that the signature has merely worn out (with out the rod shedding of worth for that). Verify rigorously.

8. Are all of the threads wrappings okay? Whenever you calmly contact them you possibly can really feel and see if the information continues to be effectively hooked up to the rod. If not, wrapping will be simply repaired

9. How is the situation of the deal with? Was the deal with retouched, sanded down or has the unique situation being maintained? high quality high-quality cork deal with will be renewed with a 220 grit sanding paper.

10. Does the reel-holder nonetheless make it up? Attempt to put a fishing reel within the reel-holder and see if it nonetheless holds it! Furthermore, do rod and reel match collectively?

11. Strive it! Fly-cast with the rod with the correct line inserted! Not solely. Strive additionally with a line one dimension increased and one dimension decrease. Typically the indication written on the rod is mistaken and you must fish with a better dimension line. Then again, some very previous rods can have indicators of “fatigue” however you possibly can nonetheless fish with them very effectively when you use a decrease dimension line!

(the following tips additionally appeared within the German-speaking fly fishing journal Fliegenfischen)