Crawfish and Their Habits

The imitation mushy plastic crawfish or laborious plastic crawfish crankbait will be one of the highly effective baits you’ll be able to throw, relying on the time of the 12 months and the way it’s offered. Many anglers right this moment use these imitations and don’t actually perceive why they’re utilizing them and fairly probably tips on how to use them correctly. Imitations are available all shapes, sizes, supplies and colours. We’ll check out the choice course of and decide when the most effective time to throw imitations can be in addition to clarify why and the way you must use them. When you perceive the mating and molting rituals of crawfish, you’ll undoubtedly have the higher hand when utilizing these imitation baits.

There are plastic imitations beginning within the ½” vary all the way in which as much as 6″. Some have a number of legs and pinchers, whereas many are very genuine they usually can differ drastically between fashions and types. As a matter of truth, there are firms which have taken precise crawfish and made molds of the creature and reproduced an actual duplicate in mushy plastic. Among the hottest manufacturers of plastic crawfish are: Gambler Worms, Magic Worms, Zoom, Nichols, Mad Man, Strike King, Tiki Sticks, Storm, Perpetrator, Lake Fork, Berkley and Gary Yamamoto simply to call a number of. My private alternative is the Gambler Crawdaddy within the 4″ mannequin. I’ve tried many differing kinds and types and the Crawdaddy persistently produces essentially the most strikes for me, In relation to laborious crankbaits (molded laborious plastic or wooden) there are a lot of firms on the market making crawfish patterns as properly. A couple of that come to thoughts can be Rapala, Storm, Bomber, Yo-Zuri, Mann’s, Insurgent, Smithwick, Rat-L-Entice, Cotton Cordell, Berkley and Daiwa.

I feel to really perceive when the most effective time to make use of a crawfish sort bait, it’s essential to first perceive why bass eat them and after they discover one of these forage essentially the most appetizing. Crawfish are situated nearly in every single place: from flooded areas to agricultural fields to muddy ditches and naturally ponds, lakes and reservoirs. There may be not a state within the contiguous 48 that does not have hundreds of thousands of crawfish swimming round and offering a pleasant feast for the native bass populations. The extra information you possess about crawfish, the upper catch fee you will take pleasure in after apply and correct utilization. I feel it is time we return to science class and educate everybody about this superior little beasty. Like all creature on our planet, crawfish are sure and decided to eat, mate and shield themselves from predators. You will need to perceive how this course of works to maximise your catch, whereas utilizing imitation lures.

Late March by Might is the primary main interval of crawfish exercise. Now, this will change one month ahead or reverse relying on what State you reside in and different particulars akin to water temperature and circumstances. Crawfish often begin to come out when the water reaches 50 levels. That is the time through which they’re within the wide-open areas in search of receptive females for mating functions. Most significantly, that is the primary time that the males are out strolling round on the rocks, exposing themselves to feeding bass. When the crawfish stroll on the rocks, they make a clicking noise, which is meant to draw females, however it should additionally appeal to bass. Be mindful rocks are the #1 place that crawfish get picked off by bass. Search for rocks which can be pretty clear and freed from international particles, as crawfish would not have the flexibility to wash off the rock like a bass can utilizing its tail to comb a spawning mattress good and clear. Crawfish rely of currents and wave motion to comb the rocks clear for them. Crawfish are additionally very gentle delicate. If the water is shallow, your probabilities of catching bass are significantly better in low-light circumstances akin to early morning or late night. If the crawfish are strolling round on rocks in 30 toes of water, you’ll be able to fish for them about any time of the day.

After the mating course of takes place, the females will disappear again into their little holes and caves to fertilize their eggs with the sperm that has been deposited on them by the males. The male crawfish will then molt and their calcified sexual organs will fall off. (Ouch!) When this occurs, the males will attempt to conceal. That is the time that many anglers assume that bass will gorge themselves with crawfish. That is true to an extent, however not for the explanations you would possibly assume! After the molt, the males begin to retreat and are much less accessible to the predator bass. The crawfish will spend most of their time of their caves and holes looking for sufficient to eat with out popping out into open water. They may nonetheless come out of hiding throughout low gentle circumstances and when this occurs, the possibility of getting picked off by fish is way higher. Throughout the molt course of, the colour of the crawfish will change dramatically. They may often go from a camouflage brown/olive coloration to a vivid purple or orange coloration. This coloration change will make them rather more seen to hungry fish cruising alongside and this explains why the bass are inclined to feast on crawfish throughout this stage.

Relying on the water temperatures, the females will start to hatch their eggs, often in about 30 days. The hatchlings will keep hooked up to the feminine and relying on the crawfish species, the hatchlings will molt each 2 to 7 days. They may then fall off their mom after the third molt and can be roughly ½” lengthy. The females will then molt and go right into a low gentle feeding course of and keep of their caves and crevices as a lot as attainable. The little crawfish will molt a number of instances and crawl round within the cracks and crevices and feed as a lot as attainable till fall. Throughout this era, the small crawfish are extra inclined to backside feeders fairly than bass. When fall arrives and you’re throwing craw sample crankbaits, make sure to revisit the identical rocks you fished earlier in the course of the 12 months. Usually ignored by most anglers, the autumn mating season or cycle is essentially the most intense. Fish your fall craw imitations the identical means you fish your spring craws and you’ll produce dramatic outcomes.


I feel the easiest way to fish both laborious plastic or mushy plastic imitations is to work them parallel to rocky banks. Strive totally different depths and all the time keep in mind to bounce, hop, jig, bump and run your bait over rocks as that is the world the bass can be keying in on in search of crawfish. In different phrases, all the time preserve contact with the rock constructions! If you’re utilizing a mushy plastic craw with a bullet sort weight, make sure to faucet and clack that weight towards the rocks, as this can undoubtedly imitate the press sounds that the crawfish makes. When utilizing plastic or wooden crankbaits, use fashions that include a rattle gadget, as this is a superb imitation as properly. If you’re very severe about “matching the hatch”, strive my technique. I’ll go all the way down to the shoreline the day earlier than I’m going to fish a physique of water and dip a crawfish entice within the water. Wait some time till you catch a number of crawfish. You may then examine these creatures and whenever you get residence, you’ll be able to take your mushy plastics and match the colours of the current live crawfish. This would possibly require that you simply buy a number of jars of sentimental plastic paint or a number of colours or fingernail polish, and contact up the claw suggestions and numerous elements to get an actual match. It you’ve any additional questions, please contact me at