Bass Fishing with Tubes: The Texas Twist

Everyone knows how efficient tubes fished on inside weighed heads will be. The actual fact is that if you happen to solely use them this manner, you’re significantly hampering the true potential of this bait and its versatility. I've found, a few years in the past that fishing a tube in weed choked waters was an effective way to catch fish. The issue I encountered was the open hook repeatedly and unmercifully getting snagged all day lengthy. To fight this, I merely tried to rig the tube on a Texas rig. Finally I settled on a brass and glass sort rig that has at all times rated properly for me. This rig mixes horny tubes, scent and sound to type an entire bundle of bass grabbing consideration.

Tools: 6-6 medium quick motion spinning rod. The most effective rods for this technique are excessive modulus fashions with a stable spine. I exploit a Kistler Helium LTA 6-6 He66MS. This rod gives me with gentle total weight and a mushy tip but in addition the brute gorilla energy to yank bigger bass towards the boat. Not finesse fishing you say? Effectively contemplate that I usually use 8lb line and infrequently drop that right down to lighter 6lb Yo Zuri Hybrid. Even within the thickest cowl, I've gotten by with the lighter strains. You possibly can make the most of a 20lb tremendous line like Sea King's 20/6 or 14/4. These will assist slice by means of vegetation with ease. I choose a reasonably quick ratio reel. For tubing, I’m going with Shimano, no shock, Maintain 2500 FD. This reel is as reliable as they arrive.

Terminal Deal with: My tube rig works finest with brass Weenie Weights. I like 1/16 or 1/eight High Brass Deal with Weenie Weights painted black. The weenie weight is solely a shorter, wider sliding bullet that weight is fabricated from brass. This produces significantly better sound amplification and is environmentally pleasant. For hooks, I exploit both Sugoi 3/0, 3/Zero Proprietor Rig n hook or a 3/Zero Gamakatsu EWG. What units this technique other than normal Texas rigs is that I exploit a fireplace polished faceted glass bead. This accomplishes two issues. First the bead displays gentle and flashes. I actually imagine that this is without doubt one of the finest attributes of the rig. Secondly, the bead and the weenie weight slap forwards and backwards, so generally interesting fish to its location. The hearth polished, faceted glass beads are tremendous arduous and won’t lower your line.

The Tube: The Solely tube I exploit is a Depraved Tube by Micro Munch Deal with. This bait is a thick walled hand dipped tube that holds the hook properly. The double thick wall provides the tube sturdiness and is critical within the thick cowl to stop tearing. Fish don’t maintain on to the bait, they eat it. This tube is dipped in a salt impregnated plastic combine after which Kick N Bass scent is added to the plastic earlier than the tubes are molded. This produces a tube that’s noticeably smelly.

This tube rigged on a Sugoi 3/Zero hook has figured for me in nearly each event I've fished. You probably have been paying consideration up to now, you’ll discover that this rig makes use of sight, scent, style, and sound to tantalize Mr. Bass. In case you've ever fished with the Depraved Tube you actually haven’t seen the oil slick the bait produces within the water. Its odor may have each cat within the neighborhood clawing to get in your dry storage field to get at them. I choose the usual 4 "tube however often I’ll improve to the bigger El Gordo type tube. , not too many different anglers throw it usually. Its dimension alone might intimidate some.

Colours: I choose the next colours; Inexperienced Pumpkin, Black Grape, Water Melon Magic, June Bug, Smoke Purple Flake, Street Kill Camo, and Black Crimson Flake. I match the glass bead to the bait. Black, Brown, Purple, or Inexperienced beads will match all of the beforehand talked about colours.

Rigging: This rig will be arrange identical to the normal Texas rig. Slide the Weenie Weight up the road adopted by the glass bead. It’s not essential to peg the burden or the bead. Subsequent tie the hook on with a Palomar knot for energy. Bury the hook level a few 1/Four inch lifeless heart within the head of the tube. Pull the hook by means of the aspect of the bait till the hook eye enters the tube head. Subsequent pop the hook again into the aspect and pull the purpose by means of, penetrating by means of the other aspect of the tube (again out once more). The tube ought to be straight. The purpose of the hook ought to be uncovered and tight to the fleshy aspect of the tube. The uncovered level permits for simpler penetration on the hook set. The hook doesn’t must penetrate the additional plastic within the tube, so sticks into the fishes' mouth with minimal effort.

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"With this rig I normally discover one among two issues: both I really feel the bass chewing on the tube, much like a plastic worm choose up, or I don’t really feel the bait in any respect which implies a bass has picked it up and is normally shifting off with it. "

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The Presentation

This tube may be very efficient in 8ft of water or much less. Its gentle weight won’t permit it to be fished successfully past that depth. As a result of it’s weedless, it may be fished nearly anyplace and if you happen to add a heavier weight, you’ll be able to actually probe the depths with it. I choose docks, boathouses, any overhead cowl, inlet factors, and flats. In fact the rig will work anyplace supplied cowl cowl will be discovered. The rig works when skipped underneath or by means of cowl. That is what units the rig other than typical tube rigs. The tube itself is weightless. When forged the Weenie weight falls away from the bait and slowly drifts to the underside. The tube flutters to the underside even slower. Its sluggish fall is an important trait to its success. Customary tube rigs which might be internally weighted spiral to the underside.

They’re straight weighed and fall by means of the strike zone sooner then the Texas rig. As the burden of the Texas tube rig slides ahead, it slowly pulls the bait alongside. That is the rationale I don’t use bait casting gear. Flipping and pitching aren’t correct displays for this rig. I intention to skip my bait previous the goal so it slowly falls by means of cowl. After I forged to a chunk of canopy, I attempt to keep a decent line as a result of fairly often the bait is caught simply because it enters the water. If I don’t really feel a strike, then I could jiggle the rod tip to get the bead and weight to make some noise. I then let the tube fall on managed slack line and canopy the decrease column of the water I'm working.

I don’t fish this bait in open water as I would favor internally rigged tubes for that. I goal particular seen cowl and attempt to choose it aside as finest as I can regardless of the "falling away from cowl" motion the bait has. Getting the bait to skip is the actual artwork of an correct presentation with this rig. Generally I’ll attempt to crash bait by means of cowl so it really passes by my goal. It’s because a forceful forged won’t permit the burden to create drag on the forged and retains the bait on the right track. The bait will go by means of the quilt and stay within the strike zone longer. You may additionally have the ability to feather a skip forged to place the bait proper on the goal. The 1/16 ozweight won’t pull the bait as a lot as a heavier dimension.

Get the brass weight and glass working to supply some sound. I transfer the rod tip ever so barely, maybe solely an inch or two at a time. You don’t want to over exaggerate your actions. The slight actions are key as a result of you don’t want to bodily transfer the bait when you are attempting to make it hold forth.

The Chew: Many tube bites merely really feel like a mushy moist rag on the tip of the road sensation. With this rig I normally discover one among two issues: both I really feel the bass chewing on the tube, much like a plastic worm choose up, or I don’t really feel the bait in any respect which implies a bass has picked it up and is normally shifting off with it. This occurs as a result of the tube is weightless and the bass doesn’t really feel resistance within the type of an unnatural inside weight. Usually the road will simply begin shifting off. Polarized sun shades are a should for this method. It is crucial with this and most different jig methods to "weigh the road". What this implies is to be taught what the bait seems like within the water. Normally any lighter or heavier sensation is a strike. After I detect a strike I actually prefer to crank the hook house. Regardless that I have a tendency to make use of gentle line and set my drag tight, I hardly ever break off on a fish. Usually if I dangle a monster, I’ll disengage the anti-reverse and again reel. I exploit a sweeping set as this enables me to maneuver extra line than the usual over the shoulder jig jerk. I'm not exaggerating after I say that fish doesn’t spit the tube out. They simply don’t. They actually do eat it.


The Texas rig tube excels in the course of the early spring and thru early fall. I merely choose to fish different baits at totally different occasions of the yr. It is a superb large fish attractor as a result of it has a thick profile and doesn’t give off many, if any, damaging cues. Rigged with a glass bead, it appears to be like to all bass senses' and like I acknowledged earlier, "These tubes get eaten". The mixture of salt and scent are arduous for any bass to reject.

Gear Breakdown: Texas Tube Fishing Madness

Rod: Kislter Helium LTA 6-6 M He66MS

Reel: Shimano Maintain FD 2500

Line: Yo Zuri Hybrid 8lb

Hook: Sugoi or Gamakatsu 2/Zero or 3/Zero EWG

Tube: Micro Munch Deal with Depraved Tube 4 "

Terminal: High Brass Deal with Brass weight and hearth polished faceted Glass bead


The Texas rig tube is a really constant producer. If by probability bass need a totally different look, there are a number of alternate options. I'm a giant fan of finesse methods from the West coast. My sleeper tube rig is similar rig, however with the bead pegged 18 inches above the hook. The sinker remains to be free to slip and a putting fish won’t really feel further weight. This rig will be crept alongside the underside much like a Carolina rig. This can be a noisier presentation because the bead and weight are at all times in touch.

Everyone knows that tubes are very versatile. I’ve used these tubes to work bass on inside / outdoors weed strains with superb consistency the previous few seasons. That is a kind of nice baits that no person ought to be with out. It may be particularly essential to guys who don’t choose to throw a jig.

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