10 Causes Why Fish Do not Or Will not Chew

Okay, there generally is a big variety of elements contributing to the truth that fish will not chunk. I notice this, however will attempt to slender it right down to the highest ten. Or at the very least the highest ten from my perspective. I imply, what different perspective would you count on me to present? So with my apologies to David Letterman, listed here are my high 10 explanation why fish do not chunk.

1) The moon is mistaken. It is a well-known incontrovertible fact that fish are extra energetic, and due to this fact feed extra throughout each a full and/or new moon. This will likely sound unusual, but it surely’s true. Simply search the phrase “moon phases”. You will get extra data than what to do with.

2) The fish aren’t consuming what you are throwing. I do know this sounds silly, but it surely’s true. I have been trout fishing with a worm when a mayfly hatch begins. Let me inform you one thing. It was recreation over for the worm and I. The trout grow to be so targeted on mayflies that they will not take a look at the rest.

3) Your casting a shadow the place you are fishing. That is very true whereas river fishing for trout. When you solid a shadow into the water that you just’re making an attempt to fish, the trout will see it and never chunk.

4) The angler wades via the world that they intend to fish. To me this is likely one of the final “rookie” errors, and I see it time and time once more. When you should wade via an space, however want to fish it as effectively, fish it, then wade via it. An individual wading via the water makes fish actually skittish.

5) Not sufficient weight in your line. This one is directed at river fishing. I see too many anglers not utilizing sufficient weight when fishing in present, as a result of they do not need to get snagged. My mentor used to say, “When you’re not getting snagged, you are not fishing in the fitting place.” Getting snagged is a part of fishing within the present. If you do not have sufficient weight, your bait will stream via the present proper under the floor and never be seen by nearly all of the fish.

6) Line diameter. Utilizing line that’s too heavy for what you are fishing for. This one is very true when fishing in clear water conditions. It would not matter when you’re lake fishing or river fishing. The thicker your line, the better it’s for fish to see. And when you’re line stands out to the fish, they will not chunk. I’ve personally been utilizing six pound check with no success, after which switched to 4 pond check. As quickly as I switched the scale of my line, I caught fish within the precise space that I could not even get a chunk!

7) Hook dimension. In case your hooks are too huge, many instances the fish will not chunk. That is very true with reside bait fishing. I personally use dimension 10 hooks about 80% of the time. You will be amazed on the dimension fish you’ll be able to catch on small hooks.

8) Lure dimension. This one goes proper together with the earlier two. Many instances folks assume that the larger the lure, the larger the fish, however this is not essentially true. Identical to with hook dimension, you may be amazed on the dimension fish that may be caught on smaller lures. Once more that is very true in clear water conditions, akin to these you discover in lots of trout rivers.

9) Lure coloration. If the colour that you just’re utilizing is not working, change it. That is clearly easy, however true. I’ve fished for 2 or three hours with each reside bait and vibrant coloured lures with virtually no success. Then, in a final ditch effort, I switched to a black Rooster-tail. Bam! Two eighteen+ inch rainbows within the subsequent fifteen minutes.

10) Wash your palms! That is an absolute should when you smoke, chew, or contact something smelly. Fish have an unbelievable sense of odor, and if the bait you are utilizing smells like a cigarette since you touched it…..No chunk for you! When unsure, a seize a handful of gravel or grass and rub it in my palms. I swear to God that is true. The fish can odor no matter you’ve got had in your palms.

So there are 10 elements that the angler can management, as a result of as everyone knows there are lots on elements which are simply out of our management. Hopefully, these will assist you to catch a number of extra fish.